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Turning the Innovation Lab into a Gallery Space for Montclair Alumni and Students in October

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Today was a very special day, William and I toured the MSU Innovation Lab in downtown Montclair. We wanted to learn more about the space. The lovely Elizabeth Rich gave us a tour and answered all of our questions. Although the place is on the smaller side, we discussed our big plans for exhibiting artwork here later in October. All artwork welcome from Montclair students and Alumni. Let's get planning today!

The MSU Innovation Lab is a new addition to Montclair State University. It is an essential tool for budding entrepreneurs of Montclair State University and local persons alike! Elizabeth explained the wonderful new opportunity this new space provides. This is the perfect place to exhibit a Gallery Show to promote Carpe Art. While chatting and looking around Elizabeth asked William and I about our experience at Montclair. Is it common for students of different majors to socialize? William explained his experience and answered that there is a lack of connection or opportunity to meet students in different fields. This is an important goal of Carpe Art. It is a platform that allows students, alumni, and the public to swap knowledge about their experiences in creating as well as revealing their talents to the public. As a student at Montclair, I am very excited to see fellow MSU artwork!

Speaking of artists, the walls are currently exhibiting Jennifer Bladels' photographs of businesses of Montclair working during COVID-19. Jennifer owns Village Studios Photography. After viewing Jennifer's photographs, William and I actually had the pleasure of meeting another artist/curator Kathryn McGuire. We met Kathryn outside the MSU Innovation Lab! She shared intel of her gallery space Clearstory Fine Art, also located in Montclair! She explained how she likes exhibiting all different kinds of Artists, without censorship.

After I measured ALL the walls, and William was halfway done taking pictures we had the honor of meeting Hassan Kashif. He is the winner of the Innovation’s Startup Montclair Pitch Competition 2020. Hard at work, Hassan shared a little intel of his new company Dr. Floss. I learned that I like most people in the world. I haven't been flossing right my whole life. it was very interesting to hear about this new product.

Overall a very nice trip! It was exciting to meet such interesting people. I can't wait to start looking for possible Artists to exhibit. We have the location now we need to pick a date!

10 Lackawanna Plaza Montclair, NJ 07042

Visit Kathryn McGuire Gallery:

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Sure, I am pleased to write a comment. I just finished the article/Blog written on package design. The purpose behind the product. It was an excellent and informative read.

The Carpe Art website is overall really interesting and has good potential for meeting the needs of buyers and sellers.

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