We are building a dual platform for student artists and potential buyers.

How Does Carpe Art Work?


1. Accept Terms of Service

Montclair State University requires you to read and accept the terms and conditions if you wish to create a profile on Carpe Art.

2. Getting Set Up

Creators must be enrolled or have graduated from Montclair State University. Make your "creator" profile's visual and text fields to share with viewers to show what sets apart your art from others.

3. Create Your Profile

Once you have created a profile, you will receive an email asking you to submit images of your art pieces along with each piece's detailing information.

4. Email Confirmation

Once reviewed, we will send you an email stating that your artwork is ready to be shown as live on the marketplace. You will be asked to confirm the information we have compiled is correct. Once verified, your art will officially be live!


1. Sign Up

The first step for you as a buyer is to sign up. This allows you to like, comment, and save works and artists. If you want to join our mailing list, we will keep you updated on your favorite artists' pages. We will also share news of possible events. 

2. Explore

As a buyer, you are the audience. You are here to explore and find art that connects to you. As an explorer we want to hear what you have to say about what you find! Leave reviews on an artist's page and spread the love!

3. Share

After you find what you love, another responsibility you have is to share these works with others. Share an artist's works to help grow their audience!


You can have up to 40 works uploaded for sale on your profile. Do not forget about the 5 collections you can have. Updating your profile is easy; simply re-upload to the google drive.


You will be handling the interactions with your customers. Once a work is sold, notify Carpe Art so we can take your listing off the Market. 


When it comes to shipping your art, we want to make sure it is proficient and safe. We have a blog that explains how to package your work securely so that it arrives fast and safe!


In order to have sales, you will need to keep creating! This site was made so you can keep doing what you love. By joining Carpe Art, you are starting your own business. 


Frequently asked questions

How do I make a profile?

Click on the "I am a creator" button located on the home page. Complete the information on the form and submit. Once we confirm your association with Montclair State University, we will send you a Google Form to get your profile started. Be sure to check your email!

How do I make purchase?

To make a purchase of any artwork simply contact the artist via their profile and use the buttons below the about section to be redirected to the proper sales channel.

As a seller, how am I able to ship out my work to buyers?

As an artist and seller through our site, you must be responsible for shipping and handling of your work to the buyer. We are not responsible for the shipping of your products/artworks.


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