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Nicole Nuzzolo

Visual Arts 



Nuzzolo is an Alumna from Montclair University and creates art because of the power it holds as a tool. She has a profile because she helped create this platform. Nuzzolo is happy to support other artists and explore others specialties. Her way of art is painting but loves to explore different elements of art. She is also interested in graphic design and has even designed a new logo for Eagle Management Group. 

Nuzzolo's style involves using as many colors as she possibly can because she loves the feeling a new color brings her while creating.


This piece was exhibited at Piñatas Transfigured the Disjunction of Sameness located at the Finley Gallery on Montclair State University campus. It was showcased from the 3rd to the 24th of March, 2020. This piece alludes to the preconceived notions of a traditional piñata. Through a piñata, the pendulum effect is cast upon an already painted canvas, destroying what was started and in turn creating something new. I have selected photographed prints of the canvas from start to finish, as well as from the opening day.

Destroyed and Recreated


I created this piece to be a simple get away from your current surroundings, to place the viewer into their own mind. A place to think, a sanctuary in your mind. This piece came to be simply when someone asked me what place makes me feel safe. I replied with my thoughts, thus I felt compelled to create a sanctuary for a mind.  This piece can hang and be showcased as an enclosure, or hung on the wall separately. It consists of 4 foam boards each 20" x 30". 

Identity Reconstructed

An artwork that is strapped onto a person's head and neck with broken pieces of faces sewn together with red thread dangling in front of the wearer's eyes. This artwork discloses the ambiguity of identity in a society that consumes pop culture, beauty standards, and reliance on altercations to the flesh. The cut, delete and paste design of this artwork is questioning the authenticity of visual culture, and the impact it has on adolescents' sense and frustrations in attaining their own identity. This artwork symbolizes a person hiding behind what they believe is beauty.

Works For Sale

If you are interested in purchasing any art below, click the image, and the accompanied link to email the artist.



Commissioned Art 

acrylic on 2" thick wood panel 



acrylic on canvas

2' by 4' 


Serenity Sketchbook drawing

pencil on paper 



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