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Art and Entrepreneurialism: The Consultant’s Observations

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Written by the curator for Carpe Art Gallery Exhibition; Patricia Selden, pictured below.

Value of Art Selected for 2020 Carpe Art Entrepreneurial Mindset Exhibition

Artists invited to submit were either current MSU art students or recent alums. Potential buyers may find the comments below helpful about the value of possible purchases:

Original handmade art is special. Even a well-made reproduction loses the unique qualities of having been made by hand by artists using the techniques of a particular medium, such as painting, photography, or original fine art prints. All of the pieces chosen are originals.

One of a Kind. Among my selection criteria was choosing unique works.

“Affordable Art“ is a relative term. The exhibition features many  pieces Of art at $50 to $300.  A few are more expensive. The creators are emerging artists from Montclair State University.

Authenticity and Documentation. Every work has an official invoice with a description of the work, title, the price paid, date of creation, medium, measurements, and location of the artist’s signature. This builds the provenance, the ownership history of an artwork.

Variety of Mediums and Sizes. The submissions included paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, watercolors, and prints. There are many small pieces and several large works needing a larger wall for display. All are beautiful, intriguing, and creative artworks.

Ready to Install. Any of the works is literally ready to be hung or placed in a home or office. In case suggestions are needed, I will be available—at no extra charge—for short “virtual visits” by phone to comment about the placement of any works purchased. Typically lighting considerations, nearby works of art, and settings can be discussed.

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