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Carpe Art is a Montclair State University student and faculty-built marketplace that bridges a connection between student and alumni artists with interested buyers. The platform aims to build a community that cultivates talent and encourages users to "seize the day" through unique artistic expression: Carpe Art!

Intended Creators

Carpe Art provides a platform for students involved in:





Fine Arts



John. J Cali School of Music

Performance Arts

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Carpe Art: Our Story

Carpe Art aims to dismantle the notion of "the struggling artist" and, in its place, build a title for undergraduates and graduates of known and appreciated creators. The site does this by streamlining the business realm of art that some artists may not be comfortable, knowledgable, or even interested in. Carpe Art reduces the artist's struggle by allowing them to focus on what they do best: create!

In addition to offering a marketplace for M.S.U. art, Carpe Art houses an ongoing conversation. Our mission is to educate artists on their journeys by helping them gain exposure and sell works. With the potential of making an online friend, users are free to discuss stories of successes and failures, receive answers to questions, and gain feedback on works-in-progress. 

Spring 2021 Internship Team

Aryanna Salmon

Super excited to have the opportunity to join the Carpe Art team and I look forward to all the work we will get done! I cant wait to see what we all create.

I am currently a sophomore majoring in Fashion Studies at MSU and have many hobbies such as fine art, photography, and even being in a band!

Julia Danzeisen

I am so proud to be an intern at Carpe Art! Having a profile on the site myself, I hope I can inspire artists to join us on an entrepreneurial journey. I am currently a junior Illustration/animation major at MSU, and as a dedicated student artist, I am eager to expand my skillset!

I have a special interest in color theory, visual development, and design.


Summer 2020 Internship Team

Nicole Nuzzolo

I am so happy to have been picked to work with Carpe Art! With being the first set of interns, William and I are given the responsibility of creating the website, interview alumni, and conduct research for the market. It has been a thrill of problem solving, as well as having the privilege of meeting and working with a supportive and brilliant group of people. 

I am especially excited to see this project grow! William and I are the creators of this website.

William Crespo

Senior at Montclair State University Majoring in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Art & Design Studio and minor in Biology. Will holds a position as Resident Assistant on campus and also is the President of his greek organization Tau Phi Beta. Throughout high school, Will was involved in fine arts and upon graduation pursued a newfound passion in design. Package design is what interests him most alongside typography. In his free time, Will enjoys weight training, video games, hanging out with friends, and occasionally reading design-related books or articles.