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Lenz Bonhomme he/they


Animation/ Illustration  


Lenz Bonhomme is a Haitian American artist native to North New Jersey. As an Animation and Illustration major at Montclair State University, their interest in art originated with their recreations of characters from various cartoons and sitcoms. As the years went on, storytelling as a creative outlet would become the main inspiration behind their art. Lenz’s preferred mediums are color pencil, watercolor, and digital painting. He currently partakes in portraiture, character design, screenwriting, and music production.


In 2019 they were featured in the “Inspired Minds: Young Artist Exhibition” by Herb + Milly Iris Gallery, being the only artist to have two pieces displayed. In 2021 they were an Artist in Residence at the Tyson Summer Arts Academy, mentoring middle school-aged artists and organizing the showcase that would present their work.


For future career endeavors and his last semesters at Montclair State University, Lenz is developing various projects such as visual art collections and screenplay pitches.


The works you see on this profile are not for sale, but this artist is still


Every piece below reflects the abilities of this artist. So, if the style of this artist resonates with you, please contact the artists directly for a unique commissioned piece! You can also show your support by sharing their work with others!

All-Mother (2019).png
E-Boy (2020).png
Heartthrob (2021).png
All-Mother (2019)

Ink, Alcohol Marker, Color Pencil

10in x 7in

E-boy (2020)

Watercolor Paint, Ink, Graphite

12in x 9in

Heartthrob (2021)

Digital Edit

4000px x 3500px

Jasper The Friendly Medium (2021).png
Jasper the Friendly Medium (2021)

Scanned Graphite, Painted Digitally

2302px x 2588px

Polar (2019).png
Polar (2019)

Watercolor Paint, Color Pencil, Ink, Graphite

8in x 10in

Red Son (2022).png
Red Son (2022)


3765px x 2780px

Scream Graphic (2022).png
The Girl with the Salamander Tattoo (2019).JPEG
Victor (2021).png
"Scream" Graphic (2022)

Digital Edit and Painting

4742px x 3200px

The Girl with the Salamander Tattoo (2019)

Watercolor Paint, Color Pencil, Ink, Graphite

12in x 9in

Victor (2021)


3500px x 3500px

VideoVixen '03 (ALT).png
VideoVixen '03


2667px x 2000px


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