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Crane Wife - Lauren Vroegindewey.jpg

Lauren Vroegindewey


Art Education: Teaching Certificate K-12  


I am a multimedia artist working in painting, printing, performance, video, installations, and sculpture based in Montclair, NJ. I teach art classes at a local studio in addition to adults with severe brain trauma. My work has been shown locally and internationally, passionate about being an art-educator practicing here and abroad. The subject matter of my work explores notions of sustainability and vulnerability and within my practice, I attempt to blur the line between the natural and the man-made. Often working intuitively and drawing inspiration from my past and the environment around me, the work can be seen as a narrative of personal trauma and the trauma the earth feels due to the human mark. My work provides an experimental opportunity to challenge conventional perception; attempting to stimulate a mixture of sense and emotion to provoke a psychological response in the viewer that questions the choices we make daily.

Works For Sale

If you are interested in purchasing any art below, click the image, and the accompanied link to email the artist.


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