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How nifty are NFTs?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The legendary Nyan Cat GIF has been sold at a digital auction for more than $580,000

Artists: imagine a world where you can make thousands with the digital art you have sitting on your computer collecting dust because you thought "it's just a doodle, no one cares." You don't have to sulk anymore--it's become a reality. Artists of all mediums, photographers, painters, filmmakers, illustrators, animators, even writers are currently flourishing in this new crypto-world of art. In this post, I will cover what even is an NFT and why should you care as an artist or a buyer?

First off: what in the world is an NFT?

I was just as confused as you. As an artist, hearing cryptocurrency and art in the same sentence terrified me. But reading more into indulged me. NFT stands for non-fungible token.

To put it into simple terms, it basically means that whatever the piece you're selling is, it's one of a kind and cannot be replicated at all whatsoever. For example, there is only one painting of the Mona Lisa, if that were to be sold it would be worth billions, right? The same applies with NFTs.

But it's the internet. I can just download it for free...right?

I mean...yeah. You can. But technically, that's not the original art. Let's use the Mona Lisa again as an example. You can get that painting anywhere--on a shirt, as a sticker, download it, or reprinted/repainted on canvas. Does that make it the original piece of art? It does not.

As an artist, why should I care?

I believe this is revolutionary for digital creators. Not even just limited to digital, any artist for that matter. NFTs are now the answer for artists to step farther into the art world and experience the future at their hands. Technology is advancing and with that so is every aspect of our society and means of human expression: art. The amount of digital pieces of art I have created that just sat on my instagram page or portfolio being unseen is something I have struggled with. As with many artists, we resort to putting our art onto merchandise (tees, stickers, keychains, etc.) as a way to market out art--otherwise we can't make a living. Especially as a digital artist, it's hard to sell your art, people are more fond of buying physical pieces of work. NFTs have provided a solution by combining the hive mind of wanting to flex and the minds of artists. It's become trendy to be weird and people want to own weird things. People want to own something that will provide a sort of status for them.

What about as a buyer?

If you're into investing, these may spark your interest. One of the main reasons people are buying NFTs besides having a status and looking cool, is that they hope that NFT will become more valuable and sell it for more, therefore it's seen as an investment.

Is there a catch?