How nifty are NFTs?

Updated: Apr 8

The legendary Nyan Cat GIF has been sold at a digital auction for more than $580,000

Artists: imagine a world where you can make thousands with the digital art you have sitting on your computer collecting dust because you thought "it's just a doodle, no one cares." You don't have to sulk anymore--it's become a reality. Artists of all mediums, photographers, painters, filmmakers, illustrators, animators, even writers are currently flourishing in this new crypto-world of art. In this post, I will cover what even is an NFT and why should you care as an artist or a buyer?

First off: what in the world is an NFT?

I was just as confused as you. As an artist, hearing cryptocurrency and art in the same sentence terrified me. But reading more into indulged me. NFT stands for non-fungible token.

To put it into simple terms, it basically means that whatever the piece you're selling is, it's one of a kind and cannot be replicated at all whatsoever. For example, there is only one painting of the Mona Lisa, if that were to be sold it would be worth billions, right? The same applies with NFTs.

But it's the i