Richard Lawrence Guzman

Animation and Illustration

Alumnus 2018


Hailing from the Philippines, Richard has always been a dreamer and artist by nature. At a very young age, art has always been one of his best friends that aided in navigating the world around him. It has served as his alternate language to communicate his ideas and thoughts about his personal experiences and life itself. As time progressed, he has started to see art not just as personal release, but a force for good to better the world. He manifests all of these beliefs by creating colorful and fantastical pieces that are sure to please the senses. His undying love and relationship with art is what inspired him to study Animation and Illustration at Montclair State University, as well as spread his wings in the art world immediately upon graduation in 2018. These very reasons, coupled with “Carpe diem”, a motto inculcated by Montclair State University, are what drive him day in and day out to improve on his craft en route to becoming the best animator, and illustrator that he can be. Richard is pursuing a professional career in a company while also working on a freelance basis.


Richard is currently open for commission work! Click the contact button above if you are interested in purchasing a commissioned piece from this artist.