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Pro Tips for Beginner Shippers

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

You may think that shipping is the worst part of being an artist. It is always an option to simply ship out the guaranteed product- but why not go above and beyond when it comes to selling? It is up to you to exceed expectations when it comes to selling your products. Maintaining an account on Carpe Art is a way to own your own business. The hard work you put into each piece should be reflected in how you ship and package it! It is important to express to customers your feelings of gratitude; in a way, they are complimenting you by purchasing your work. Show them you care with these optional steps. It's the attention to detail that always wins me over.

First up we have personalized “Thank You” cards. Ah, the power of a handwritten message. A simple thank you for your purchase goes a long way. When it comes to going the extra mile, reaching out to your customers is important. Here are some different ways you can create a letter:

  1. Write it out: The first option you have is creating the card by hand. Make it as big or small as you like! Another tip is to use thick paper. Create a little doodle or add your logo to make it more personable! Show off those calligraphy or writing skills!

  2. Print it out yourself: Make yourself a template or design and print it out for each purchase. Simply change the “to” name and sign your name. Put those Adobe skills to use!

  3. Get them professionally printed: You can find pre-made thank you cards online or upload your design. Just one example is:

Second, we will look at creating your own stickers! Below are some websites I found where you can upload your own design and create stickers. The idea is any time a purchase is made add a sticker to promote your brand! Adding a cute little sticker is just a nice bonus for your buyers. You can even sell the stickers you create on Carpe Art. For example, below are some examples of personalized stickers created by Felix Martinez, better known as Cat Atomic. He is a new Artist added this week! Check out his shop: Zazzle offers 20 stickers for about $5, they come in preexisting sizes, and are on the cheaper side. If you have a sticker that is in the form of a circle square or other basic shape this is the site for you!

  1. This website allows you to get a sample of an array of different products. The lowest quantity of stickers you can get is 50 (all around a basic average of about $50). This site also has an array of products. Who knew there were so many different types of stickers! A bonus to this site is they have personalized packaging available as well.

  2. StickerGuy is a company that sells in BULK. They screen print your designs and turn them into stickers! They give you the best bang for your buck at a whopping $27 for 250 stickers of black and white vinyl stickers. They have an array of quantities and special deals. I would check their website out if I were you. #NotSponsored

Lastly, let's talk about packaging. Think of sustainable packaging that is good for the environment! I found some stores that could be of use to you if you're interested in packaging your products sustainably!

  1. You can always find a way to draw on any surface! The package you send can exhibit a personalized doodle! The name of the buyer, or a nice design.

  2. All crafters will like this one: ribbon. Tie your product or package in a ribbon to make it stand out. Your buyers will feel like they are opening a present.

  3. This article shares possible alternatives to bubble wrap that are more eco-friendly.

  4. This last option is PackHelp. They have the cutest packaging options and all are recyclable, reusable, and perfect for planet Earth. Visit this website and BE AWARE, your purchases are in bulk and a bit pricey. This is one of many examples of packaging for small businesses. If you wish to start a full-time business it is essential to think about branding.

I want to know your strategies when it comes to shipping – what will you do to set your work apart? Help other artists and small e-commerce businesses by sharing some ideas in the comments below. I hope you have good companies for me to check out!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more creative ideas in future blog posts. (:

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