Pro Tips for Beginner Shippers

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

You may think that shipping is the worst part of being an artist. It is always an option to simply ship out the guaranteed product- but why not go above and beyond when it comes to selling? It is up to you to exceed expectations when it comes to selling your products. Maintaining an account on Carpe Art is a way to own your own business. The hard work you put into each piece should be reflected in how you ship and package it! It is important to express to customers your feelings of gratitude; in a way, they are complimenting you by purchasing your work. Show them you care with these optional steps. It's the attention to detail that always wins me over.

First up we have personalized “Thank You” cards. Ah, the power of a handwritten message. A simple thank you for your purchase goes a long way. When it comes to going the extra mile, reaching out to y