Package Design: Understanding The Purpose Behind The Product – William Crespo

Updated: Jul 20, 2020


In order to understand packaging design, there must first exist an understanding of packaging and the purpose of packaging as well as its function in the real world. Packaging is meant to do several things: contain something, protect what it is containing, inform the consumer of the contents within, serve as means for transportation and storage, and be able to display and market the product. Packaging is used to contain and protect; there are factors outside of the product itself that could negatively affect the product including temperature, compression, vibration, etc. Therefore, having a package that is durable enough to withstand extraneous variables should be taken into consideration.

Packaging is used to inform

Packages have food labels with nutrition facts, expiration dates, brands, and some information that is required by governments and all of this is important to the consumer who might potentially be interested in purchasing the product. Good packaging will have thoughtful placement of this information so that the consumer wants to buy the product. For example, food labels have different tactics to catch someone’s attention and there is also a lot of thought that goes into a specified target audience. 

Packaging is directly related to marketing