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Introducing Cat Atomic

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Heres to growing the Artists on Carpe Art, here's a warm welcome to our featured artist of the week Cat Atomic! Born Felix Martinez, Cat Atomic has been growing in popularity, check out his artist page on Carpe Art for a world of wonder. Cat Atomic is a talented graphic artist, painter, and designer toy artist. Felix Paints figures that are sent to him from various collectors and galleries for his unique style and motif. Felix acquired the artist name Cat Atomic originally because it sounded like catatonic, and also because of his love for cats.

Cat Atomic X Quiccs X Martian Toys

Comic-Con: ever been? Maybe you saw Cat Atomics featured Designer Toys collaborated with Martian Toys at New York Comic Con. Their booth exhibited figures by Cat Atomic in 2018 "Falling Apart", and in 2019 "MEGA NYCc". (See to the right)

Cat Atomic has done collaborations with famous artist Quiccs throughout his career. He collaborated with Quiccs and a company called Martian Toys. This is where Cat Atomics' first mass-produced figure was released back in November 2019.

Save the date:

August 15th, 2020, Cat Atomic is collaborating yet again with Quiccs for an online pop-up show called "Storming Virtually". This virtual pop up show will exhibit designer toys live from NY. It will be airing from 8-10pm, live from NY. Each piece will in a way represent the Philippines by a list of unique creators, which includes Montclair's star Cat Atomic.

Click Here to check out this event.

More News on Cat Atomic: look out he has stuff in the works! Cat Atomic is going to be releasing 2 figures, one is a second release with Quiccs and another figure being releasing through Clutter Gallery. Cat Atomic previously had his first solo exhibition with Clutter Gallery back in March 2019. The show was called "The Secret Behind the Light".

A few Articles about Cat Atomic:

News on Cat Atomics New Website written by TTC Beard:

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