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Early career paths - What are they?

You might be noticing more discussions online about early career paths and be wondering why this is important. These discussions are mushrooming online as employers try to match open job opportunities with individuals who have the skills, knowledge, and talent that fit their "ideal candidate". Many employers now have designated recruiting staff to be responsible for the early career pathways into their companies.

Moreover, you might wonder what the reason for these changes is. Simply put - employers are struggling to find the best candidates to recruit out of college! Check out this article on the companies seeking students graduating from college, and those within the first six years of starting their careers:

As the spring semester develops and you are contemplating whether to enter the job market upon graduation, or you decide to pursue graduate studies, we want to take stock of exactly what you want your career to look like. The job site,, is a useful place to start and this article on career stages ( is a very helpful overview of changes in the arc of careers.

We also suggest that you check, a relative newcomer to social media and recruitment. However, the platform makes it easy for students to connect with employers and it provides videos and guides on job search protocols. was created to specifically target Gen Z students and appears to be a good place to start as simply placing your resume on and changing your LinkedIn profile picture to include a badge that announces, “Open to be Hired” or similar!

We are so pleased that we can share Carpe Art interviews with Montclair State University alumni who have found great early career positions. We hope you find these interviews useful as you begin your own job search.

Carpe Art Early Career Interviews

Maura Farragher majored in visual arts, with a certificate in entrepreneurship. She entered the luxury fashion industry with an e-commerce role at Hermès where she manages client relations.

Katrina Davis graduated with a degree in communications. She has had extensive media exposure in working for a number of companies that challenged her, including Netflix, AMC Networks, Audible, Tene Nicole PR & Marketing, Bold TV, NBCUniversal, and currently ABC News, World News Tonight with David Muir.

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